Salmonid Restoration Federation

Sarah Phillips

Sarah received a degree in Environmental Studies & Planning: Restoration & Conservation with a minor in Biology (focused on vertebrate biology) from Sonoma State University in 2009.

Michael Berry

Mike is the Environmental Services Section Chief at DWR and has degrees in Fisheries and Wildlife Management with a minor in Geology. He has worked in watersheds from Big Sur to the Smith River and has over 30 years of fisheries and restoration experience combined with CDFW and DWR. He has supervised many programs including CDFW’s Northern Region wild trout and salmon monitoring programs. He has been involved in all aspects of restoration projects including planning, permitting, budgeting, baseline studies, implementation and post project monitoring.

Kolby Lundgren

Kolby is a botanist at heart, and graduated with honors from Humboldt State University with a bachelor’s in botany. She is inspired to learn about the natural world in its entirety and how to help humans use, interact, and connect with it in a sustainable way. This ambition led her to work seasonally conducting botanical surveys that identify and protect sensitive plant species and, in the interim, led outdoor and environmental education programs for youth in California.